You are on the path to funding and want to start pitching to investors... 

But is your deck investor-ready? Are you ready?

Work with us to find out. We know pitch decks... and what investors are looking for. We'll review your deck and provide our thoughts to get you on track. 

If you are struggling to tell your story in just a few slides that will capture investors' attention, it's time to bring in the experts! 

Let us help you get closer to funding with a pitch deck that is true to you and addresses the key points investors need to know.  

What we look for in your deck:

  • Does your deck have the "must-have" slides that cover the core points investors want to see?
  • Are you clearly communicating your story? Is it easy to understand and does it convey what you are creating and why it's so important?
  • Do you understand the market opportunity and what your Total Addressable Market really is?
  • Have you identified the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your industry?
  • Are you providing the right data and projections that shows you know your stuff and are a great investment? 
  • Are you making the ask for the money? (You'd be surprised how many decks leave this out!)
  • And more... 

Let's get started! 

What's included in the review:

  • 30 Minute Call with Delilah: You provide an overview of your business and where you are at in the funding process. You'll go through your current deck and Delilah will be listening for key points and gaps, and taking lots of notes!
  • Deck Review: Delilah will review your deck and prepare her feedback for the next call. 
  • 45 Minute Call: Delilah will go through her feedback and suggested next steps. 

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